Regional Strategy

The Accelerate to Zero Emissions Collaboration will develop and implement an EV Strategy that exceeds state goals and positions the region as the national leader on EVs by:

  • Encompassing a holistic strategy that includes light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty EVs and infrastructure
  • Evaluating existing conditions, and goals, and mapping out how best to leverage resources among participating agencies
  • Establishing goals and metrics for 2025 and 2030
  • Providing regional role recommendations and responsibilities

The Strategy document is currently in its draft form. Its draft strategies build off of the Regional Gap Analysis completed in July 2021, and reflect additional research and analysis done this year. Additionally, they are informed by the results of ongoing community engagement.

Currently, the draft A2Z strategies are:

  • Increase the proportion of ZEVs on the road
  • Install ZEV chargers equitably across the San Diego region, especially in rural areas and communities of concern
  • Provide equitable and accessible opportunities to learn about ZEVs and ZEV infrastructure
  • Provide ZEV workforce training opportunities
  • Make the installation of ZEV infrastructure more straightforward and accessible
  • Support government policies that encourage ZEV adoption
  • Facilitate ZEV infrastructure in residential and commercial areas by creating new permit processes and updating building codes
  • Ensure local utilities can handle an increase in ZEVs
  • Increase the proportion of ZEVs in local government and business fleets
  • Support collaboration across local governments to meet regional ZEV goals

The Regional Strategy is expected to be complete in 2023.