Regional Strategy

The San Diego Regional ZEV Strategy (October 2023) builds off of the barriers and challenges for ZEV adoption and infrastructure deployment outlined in the Regional Gap Analysis, and identifies the following ten strategies to address them:

  1. Increase percentage of zero emission vehicle miles traveled
  2. Achieve equitable/accessible siting of ZEV chargers in all San Diego communities
  3. Increase ZEV awareness and adoption
  4. Support workforce development
  5. Accelerate deployment of publicly accessible ZEV infrastructure
  6. Lower policy and financial barriers to ZEV adoption
  7. Deploy ZEV infrastructure for multi-unit dwellings and higher density residential and/or commercial areas
  8. Ensure sufficient local grid capacity for projected ZEV demand
  9. Encourage and support fleet transition to zero emissions
  10. Support innovative ZEV pilot projects

These strategies support achieving and exceeding State goals and align with the Core Principles outlined in the California ZEV Market Development Strategy.

The San Diego region can meet its anticipated share of ZEVs in the State by 2030, aligned with State goals, by providing sufficient support to address ZEV adoption and increasing access to ZEV infrastructure.

The A2Z San Diego Regional ZEV Strategy and Appendix are available here.